Get To Know – David Slonim

Love the bold colors and sharp angles of his work – nothing timid here!  The sense of depth that the panels of slightly different colors create is really cool.

DavidSlonim6 DavidSlonim1 DavidSlonim2 DavidSlonim3 DavidSlonim4 DavidSlonim5

David Slonim –

His twitter feed is a good one – almost entirely his own art.

Also check out this write-up on


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Get To Know – Pauline Hughes

PaulineHughes3 PaulineHughes1 PaulineHughes4 PaulineHughes5 PaulineHughes6 PaulineHughes2

Pauline Hughes –

And check out her Twitter feed – one of my absolute favorites – where she shares her creative process as well as her Pinterest page for tons more images and inspiration.

Liverpool, UK

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