No. 25: Get to know – Kim Leutwyler

It’s funny how we get into routines.  When i find an artist I like, I see who they like, and who else likes them, and before I know it I’m looking at nothing but colorful abstracted coastlines.  I took a bit of a break from posting here (a lovely winter vacation) and when I returned I had a fresh start.  Immediately I came upon Kim Leutwyler.  She’s an American artist working in Sydney – you can read all about her on her website  (which includes a collection of her work called “Queer Dinosaurs” so I have to imagine that Kim is pretty awesome all around).

As for her art, it has everything I typically like – bright bold colors, abstracted forms, and so on.  And she features women whose bodies blend with the colors and patterns of her works, whose beauty is in part realistically rendered and in part drawn from the shapes and colors she employs.  I see a joy and an exuberance in her work.  I like how her subjects are presented directly to the viewer.  I get the idea that what we use to cover ourselves up is just so much color and shape and line.

As much as I’d like to, I’m not sure I’m able to say anything thoughtful about her themes of gender and queer identity.  I’ve never been terribly good at taking any sort of message from art (must work on this).  Just writing down any kind of commentary about art, let alone a real critique, is daunting for me.  Perhaps that’s a topic for future posts.  In the meantime, enjoy Kim’s fantastic art and check out her website, twitter,and instagram accounts.

KimLeutwyler7  KimLeutwyler8

KimLeutwyler4  KimLeutwyler1


KimLeutwyler3  KimLeutwyler5

Kim Leutwyler –

Sydney, Australia

* all images taken from

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