Art Search 3

Here are a few pieces under $300 that I’ve come across online.  Most of them are pretty small, though that’s hardly surprising.  Just the cost of paint and a surface to paint on is fairly high, and especially if a third party is taking a hefty commission it would be hard to make any kind of decent return on a larger work at this price point.

Koen Lybaert 1

$280:  9×13   Koen Lybaert  here

AA 1

$200:   9×9   Dyanna Dimick here


$293:  14×21   Richard Shipley here


$280:   12×12   Marion Jones here


$131:   16×20   Mo Tuncay here

3 thoughts on “Art Search 3

  1. Thank you for sharing these, Patrick. For me, if I can deconstruct the process, which is what I do for painters’ workshops, I would not feel drawn to a work. Sometimes, I can tell the underpaint colour even when it’s not showing. To be brutally honest, these give me some idea of what I do not want to produce if I were to sell art, which I am not doing at the moment.

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    1. Interesting – thanks for the comment. I definitely agree that many of the works available for such a low price point are what I would consider more like ‘production’ pieces than true labors of love. However even if I can understand the process that went into a piece of art, and even if I could easily reproduce it (which I probably can’t!) I find that almost any piece of art tells me something about the artist and gives me something that I didn’t have before.

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