No. 24: Get To Know – Ellen Rolli

I enjoy looking at abstract art in part because I like trying to figure out the artist’s process.  With no subject or scene to create, how does the image come about?  Can I tell what the artist began with?  Does it looks like the artist has an end result in mind or did the image come about organically, starting with a color or a form and building from there?

As I look at Ellen Rolli’s art it looks like she may have an idea to begin with – perhaps a particular color palette – but her works suggest a generally organic approach.  Her work has many layers and I love looking deep into the images to try to see where she started and compare that to how the piece ended up.  There’s a lot going on!  The combination of colors she uses, the hard versus soft shapes, and her use of transparency and opaqueness is fantastic.  I feel like I’m learning when I look at her paintings.

EllenRolli1  EllenRolli6EllenRolli3  EllenRolli2EllenRolli5  EllenRolli7

Ellen Rolli –

Follow her on Twitter and read an interview with her here.

Boston, MA

*all images taken from

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