No. 23: Get To Know – Marilina Marchica

I guess I’m a sucker for abstracted landscapes (I think half the artists I’ve written about on this blog paint some kind of landscape).  I really like how Marilina Marchica’s works reorder and restructure what I see in a typical landscape.  Her use of flat and smooth neutral colors for both backgrounds and foregrounds gives her work a very expansive feel.

I think it’s interesting how so much landscape art captures the beautiful and dramatic – coastlines, mountains, etc. – while most of the world around us is relatively flat and monotone.  I’m not sure that “monotone” is really a fair characterization of these works, though.  Sure, there isn’t a ton of color, but there is quite a bit of variety among the neutrals and grays, and certainly a lot of variety of color value.    As with much of the art that I tend to like, the more I look at these images the more I see.

Marilina Marchica 1 Marilina Marchica 6 Marilina Marchica 2 Marilina Marchica 4Marilina Marchica 5 Marilina Marchica 3

Marilina Marchica –

Follow her on Twitter and see more of her work for sale here, here, and here.

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

*all images from

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