Get To Know – Stephen Nolan

There is something about Stephen Nolan’s art that really grabs me.  I think maybe it’s the flatness to the way he applies his colors and shapes.  There is flatness to individual sections but the result is a layering and a depth that is very expressive.  As a result I get a really interesting sense of perspective.  There’s perspective in the traditional sense in that I see a view from a particular spot and I can see what is near and what is far, what is clear and what is hazy.  But more than that I get a sense of time and of things being old.  The general messiness (for lack of a better word) of the edges also contributes to the temporal nature of his works.  Anyway – very interesting stuff!

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the comments.  I always love to hear other people’s thoughts.

Stephen Nolan 6 Stephen Nolan 5Stephen Nolan 4 Stephen Nolan 3Stephen Nolan 2 Stephen Nolan 1

Stephen Nolan –

And check out his great Twitter feed here.


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2 thoughts on “Get To Know – Stephen Nolan

  1. I find the paintings neat and organised. I can see clearly what he’s trying to convey in the work. Who needs edges when we already have an impression? Thank you for this great introduction. xo


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