Get To Know – Dyanna Dimick

Dyanna Dimick’s art is fun and quirky but it also draws me in and gives me something to think about.  I love how she combines abstract forms with clear graphic shapes and images.  She delivers plenty of what I tend to like about abstract work – color, shape, depth, and contrast communicating with the viewer – and she amplifies that with different techniques and materials.  I’ve seen plenty of artists who use a broad swirling brush stroke technique and pop a little figure on top…  Dimick’s work seems somehow more narrative and intriguing.  I get the sense that there is a story happening somewhere and her paintings give me just a glimpse of the action.  Good stuff!

DyannaDimick6 DyannaDimick7      DyannaDimick3 DyannaDimick1 DyannaDimick2 DyannaDimick4

Dyanna Dimick –

Check her out on Twitter and see more of her work for sale (pretty affordable!) here and here and here.

San Francisco, CA

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2 thoughts on “Get To Know – Dyanna Dimick

  1. Thank you for the post! And there’s definitely some stories in my head while crating 🙂 I’ve never heard anyone describe my work the way you did. I appreciate you taking the time to view and create your own opinion of it. Great site too, really enjoy reading your posts about art. Would like to see some of your work too!

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    1. Hah – well, I’m definitely no art critic. I have always found it tricky to clearly explain what I like about art – I figure can’t get better if I don’t practice. Thanks for the comment!


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