Get To Know – Angela Smith

In general I tend to prefer abstract art over more figurative stuff.  I find that the combination color and line and shape can be incredibly powerful without needing to depict any thing in particular.  Angela Smith’s work combines the best of both worlds.  She tends to give her viewers a subject – human, animal, etc – but gets there using various methods of abstraction.  The creature-ish nature of her work is beautifully offset by the brightness and even cheerfulness of her color palette.  There is a whimsy and a mystery to her subjects.  And beyond that, the abstract techniques she uses to create her figures lends an additional meaning to those figures…  faces that have contrasting colors running throughout them, dismorphic bodies with eyes or other features made up of negative spaces, etc.  Really interesting stuff!

AngelaSmith4 AngelaSmith5 AngelaSmith6 AngelaSmith3

AngelaSmith1 AngelaSmith2

Angela Smith –

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