Get To Know – Alberto Bustos

I’m pretty comfortable with 2-dimensional art.  I have spent a fair amount of time studying art history, and I’ve done a fair amount of drawing and painting and 2-d mixed media.  I know what I like – I know what elements of a 2-d piece draw me in.

I don’t have much experience with sculpture.  The work of Alberto Bustos, however, really resonates with me.  Putting aside for a moment the incredible construction of these pieces – and there are tons of awesome workshop/process photos on his website –  there is so much to like.  The colors are fantastic.  There is a sense of direction and movement, hard and soft…  I love it all.

AlbertoBustos5 AlbertoBustos6AlbertoBustos1   AlbertoBustos3 AlbertoBustos4

Alberto Bustos –

And on Twitter here

Valladolid, Spain

* all images taken from

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