Get To Know – Andrew Bird

As an artist myself I often experiment with combining “tube colors” (straight from the tube, unmixed) with colors that I mix myself.  In general the more I mix colors together, the less intense they become.  This leads to some interesting variety of value, can create depth, etc (well, when done by a skilled painter it can work that way…  when I do it, I meet with mixed results).

Andrew Bird’s paintings are the kind of thing I’m aspiring to.  He has tremendous variety of color value, spacing, depth, perspective, and when I look at his work I can’t help but think of what colors of paint he started with.  Add to this the effects he gets by layering colors and then sometimes removing top layers to expose color underneath.  Great stuff.

AndrewBird1 AndrewBird6 AndrewBird2 AndrewBird3

AndrewBird5 AndrewBird4

Andrew Bird –

More images here

Derbyshire, UK

*all images taken from

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