Get To Know – Kerry Harding

I find Kerry Harding’s work hard to describe (though easy to enjoy).  She frequently uses a blurring technique that forces us to see her subjects more as shapes and colors instead of “things”.  But there’s so much more than that…  There’s a mysterious quality to many of her pieces, and I often get the sense that I’m viewing the same subject at multiple points in time.  Her color palette reminds me of photographs that have been left out in the sun – or maybe Polaroids where the chemicals have leaked/run a bit – and this in turn gives me a sense of nostalgia.  Really interesting stuff and enjoyable to look at time and time again.

KerryHarding8 KerryHarding9  KerryHarding7 KerryHarding1 KerryHarding6 KerryHarding2 KerryHarding3 KerryHarding5

Kerry Harding –

You can see more of her work here and here and she’s on Twitter as well.

Cornwall, UK

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